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IDOC can work with quality management companies to evaluate the capabilities of AI models and data used in NFT creation, and to conduct stringent quality control measures

Disclosure of all data except for private data designated by national regulations can further enhance value as a business that meets the purpose of blockchain development.

leverages OpenSource infrastructure for innovative development and rapid updates, allowing anyone around the world to participate in development and governance.

IDOC provides resources to help users understand blockchain technology and digital assets, and continuously updates to create a user-friendly platform, making it accessible to more users.

recorded on the blockchain network and processed so that forgery is impossible. In a blockchain network, anyone and everyone can see it transparently

In addition, in order to solve the problem of occupancy, which is the most fatal weakness in the blockchain network, various operational measures are taken, such as upgrading the proof method and disclosing all network addresses.


A blockchain-based NFT platform that allows users to create their own AI digital art, exchange and sell it. The platform uses AI algorithms to create new digital art and creates a unique NFT for each piece of art. It can also be bought and sold on the IDC Marketplace and exchanged for IDOC tokens.

Collect and refine data to create something new.

With the first appearance of generative AI in 2022, artificial intelligence (AI), a related technology, is still receiving a lot of attention. After successful testing of human creativity, emotions, and areas unique to humans, generative AI has reached the level of conversation with a level of comprehension and writing skills similar to those of real people.


It shows that they are developing to a level beyond human imagination by showing off their abilities in novels, papers, poetry, writing programming codes, and producing works of art.


As such, the IDOC project aims to create a decentralized platform for creating AI-based digital assets, managing and trading them, providing a secure and transparent method to unlock equal opportunity and potential for monetizing AI models and data. We will present a revenue model.

You need to know

what you have and why you have it.

International Data Overloading Center

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